This website is far and away the best sexuality and sexual health website for teens out there. Not only does it address the common sexual health issues of pregnancy, reproduction and STDs, but it also addresses the other aspects of sexuality that are rarely mentioned in high school health classes: gender and sexual politics, pleasure, the sexual body and masturbation, LGBTQ identities, disability and sex, body image issues and the media. It addresses myths around sexuality and sexual health in a straight-forward and non-threatening way and provides lots of helpful advice and personal essays written by teens themselves.

Scarleteen also provides interactive message boards that allow teens to post questions and start a conversation around the issues that matter to them — without fear of embarrassment. Teen sexual health and sexuality are taken seriously, but addressed in a light-hearted way. And lastly, Scarletten provides information about the resources available to teens in their home area, including referrals to health clinics, shelters, crisis centers or safe spaces. This site is truly a one-stop shop for almost all of a teen’s sexuality and sexual health needs. If only our actual, in-school sexual health education could be so comprehensive and non-judgmental.

Scarleteen doesn’t have a page or section dedicated specifically to discussing pornography. I had to go searching to find this article on porn within their site and I was not that surprised to discover that it was located within their ‘Boyfriend’ section, which is information directed at boys and young men. Even Scarleteen is guilty of making the assumption that only males watch porn — even though we know that’s not true. However, their article on porn — what it is, who uses it, how it’s made and the issues surrounding it – is useful, well-written and covers a lot of the same material found on What’s Up with Porn.

If you have questions or need information about sex and sexuality, this is the first place you should go.

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