This website is designed and run by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, so it is no surprise that it is taking a very health-oriented approach to sexuality. It provides fairly straightforward and comprehensive information on Birth Control, including the advantages and disadvantages of each type of birth control, talking to your partner about it, accessing it etc. There is also a comprehensive section on STDs and STIs — signs and symptoms, how they are contracted, protection and treatment etc.

The most inclusive section on this website includes a wide range of topics lumped under the term “Sexuality.” This section addresses issues of sexuality and pleasure, healthy relationships, pregnancy, physical sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, sex and the elderly, sexual assault and the law, and a whole host of other topics. While it is great that this website is providing such in-depth information on so many topics, lumping sexual arousal, breast exams, menstruation and coming out under the same generic label of “sexual health” is not particularly helpful, and all topics are treated with a similar clinical approach.

In terms of addressing the topic of pornography, this site only really talks about pornography in terms of what is illegal — namely child pornography, sexting and online predators. Again, the underlying assumption is that pornography is not a valid sexuality or sexual health issue to be addressed by “serious” websites, unless it is in the context of why it can be bad for society. I would not recommend this site for teens or anyone looking for information on love, sex, relationships, fantasy, pleasure or pornography. This site is best used for finding direct and straightforward information on health issues and the body.


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